Sonoma County Library


Troubleshooting World Book Online


1. Cookies must be ON

Check your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to make sure the Cookie setting is turned to On, Enable, or Allow. You must allow cookies or else the system will not be able to tell you have logged on.

2. Turn off any "security" or "speed" options

Security software such as Norton Internet Security, and security updates to your web browser or other Internet software, may be blocking Cookies even if your web browser settings seem okay. You can try turning off any new options to see if that fixes the problem. If you need help changing the settings on your security software, please contact the technical support for the software.

Turn off any "speed up" features in your Internet service and your web browser. These store web pages in a local "cache" to speed up your Internet browsing. Unfortunately, this means once you get an error connecting to World Book Online, your web browser may just show you the error again every time, instead of going to the real World Book Online website. Check your Tools or Preferences to make sure pages will be updated "automatically" or "every time."

If you use AOL, make sure TopSpeed is turned off before trying to connect to World Book Online:

  1. Go to "Internet Options" and click on the "AOL Browser" tab
  2. In the section "Top Speed" click on "Do not store Web Pages"

If that doesn't work, we suggest trying this:

  1. Start up AOL
  2. Minimize it (click the little box with a minus sign in it near the top right of the AOL window)
  3. Start another web browser, such as Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer
  4. Use that to connect to our website for database access.

3. Verify your library card hasn't expired

If your library card has expired, you will not be able to reach World Book Online. Please call your library to find out if your card has expired. If it has, you will need to go to the circulation desk at the library to renew your card.

4. Note which error message you are getting

If you still can't get into World Book Online after trying these steps, please use our feedback form to report the problem. Please let us know:

  • if you are getting an error message (paste the actual error message into the feedback form)
  • if you are getting a World Book login page
  • what kind of computer you are using (Mac or PC)
  • what Internet provider (AOL, SBC, Sonic, etc.)
  • what web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

5. Go to your local branch of the library

If you can't get to World Book Online from home, use it from the library. All branches of the Sonoma County Library have access to World Book Online from the public computers.

Branch hours and locations are listed on each library's page. See the list of library branches.