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Requests and Holds


This policy provides basic rules for giving patrons access to library materials held at any Library in the three-county area that share the Library’s catalog.


The Sonoma County Library is committed to providing Sonoma County residents with free and easy access as quickly as possible to Library materials located in any of the Library’s facilities or in libraries that are part of the Lake and Mendocino County Libraries.


  • Limits on Numbers of Requests
    1. A patron may have a total of 20 requests at one time.
    2. Of these 20 requests, only 10 may be requests for items in DVD format.

  • Length of Time a Request Stays Active
    1. Any item on request for a patron will remain active until filled or for 270 calendar days, whichever comes first.

  • Length of Time an Item is Held for a patron.
    1. An item is held for a patron for 10 calendar days before being returned to the shelf or sent to the next patron in the request queue.

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