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MicrophoneGuidelines: Public Use of Sonoma County Library Meeting Rooms


The meeting rooms in Sonoma County Library facilities are designed primarily to meet the operational needs of the Library and provide accommodations for educational, informational, cultural, and civic functions of Sonoma County community. More specifically, they are intended for the following purposes in order of priority.


A. Educational, informational, cultural, and civic programs sponsored or cosponsored by the Library and relating to its collections and services, such as lectures, exhibits, panel discussions, art and music programs, informal seminars, film presentation, etc.

B. Library related meetings, including Friends of the Libraries and Wine Library Associates of Sonoma County and the Sonoma County Public Library Foundation.

C. Meeting of Sonoma County departments and those of Joint Powers Authority local government.

D. Meetings of community groups and organizations whose aims are for educational, cultural, or civic purposes and not for profit.

E. Commercial/staff meetings of for-profit organizations.

F. Other meetings, which in the opinion of the library director are appropriate to the missions and facilities of the Library.


Use of the meeting rooms does not constitute Library endorsement of viewpoints expressed by participants in programs. No advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement will be permitted.


All activities taking place in the meeting rooms must be open to all citizens, regardless of age, sex race, religion, national origin, or physical handicaps. All organizations must make their meetings open to inspection by library staff to insure compliance with library policies.


A. The meeting room fees are reviewed and adjusted periodically by the Library Commission.

B. The basic meeting room fee includes provision of chairs, tables, speaker’s podium, and chalkboard. The fee is uniform regardless of the setup and cleaning required.


A. The meeting rooms may not be reserved for:

1. Social gatherings/ such as receptions, showers, birthday parties, dances, mixers.

2. Religious services or proselytizing functions. Religion as a point of view or subject may be appropriate.

3. Fund raising or money making purposes, such as bake sales, craft sales, demonstrations, presentations, or promotion of products or services, except for those activities which benefit the libraries directly, such as those sponsored by the Friends of the Libraries. (see appendix 1)

4. Meeting organized by a candidate or by an organization formed specifically for a candidate or issue. However, organized forums for discussion of all aspects of an issue or all candidates may be deemed appropriate.

B. No admission charges, collections, donations, tuition, sales or any other money raising activities may be attached to the meeting rooms, except those activities which benefit the libraries directly, such as those sponsored by the Friends of the Libraries.

C. Organizations meeting in the library may not use the library for their mailing address or, even on a temporary basis, direct calls relating to their meetings to the library telephone.

D. All groups of persons under 18 years of age must be attended by an adult chaperon, who will assume responsibility for the group’s activities.


A. Reservations must be made by an adult (18 years or older). The person making application shall be the contact person, unless specified otherwise, and shall be the only person authorized to make changes in room arrangements.

B. Applications for use of the meeting rooms must be made on the form provided, and returned to the appropriate library manager before the room can be confirmed.

C. Space for a meeting should be requested as far in advance as possible.

D. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis; however, the Library may preempt any meeting it deems necessary.

E. Payment for meetings must be made 10-days in advance of the meeting date.

F. Meetings will not be scheduled to begin before library hours.

G. Special arrangements must be made to use the room beyond regular hours of operation.

H. Use of the room will not be granted for the regular continuing meeting of any group.

I. No group may assign its reservation to another group.

J. Permission to use the meeting rooms may be withheld from groups damaging the room, carpet, equipment or furniture, or causing a disturbance, or any other failure to comply with the rules and regulations.

K. Reservations are considered tentative until application is received and approved.


A. The meeting rooms are to be left as found. No additional furniture or equipment other than that already available in the room (chairs, tables, podium, chalk board) will be provided.

B. Attendance at meetings must be limited to the stated capacity of the meeting rooms.

C. Equipment, supplies, or personal effects cannot be stored or left in the meeting rooms before or after use. Groups may not use meeting rooms or any adjoining facilities for storage for any purpose.

D. The Library does not provide any special parking facilities for groups using the meeting rooms, nor services to carry supplies, make coffee, provide office supplies or photocopies. All groups must provide their own support for preparation and reasonable clean up.

E. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere in the libraries.

F. There are no vending machines available to the public.

G. Simple refreshments may be served (coffee, doughnuts, punch, cookies, etc.). Simple box lunches will be allowed, but as a general rule meals of a more elaborate nature will not be allowed due to limitations of local meeting room facilities. Refreshments may not be taken out of the meeting rooms. Users will be charged for stains to carpet caused by food and drinks.

H. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, only per Sonoma County Library Commission Resolution No. 211 (see appendix 2) .

I. Refreshment equipment and utensils, and supplies such as cups, containers, paper goods, tea and coffee, are not provided by the libraries.

J. Small children of attendees are not to be left unattended outside of the meeting room during a meeting. See Sonoma County Library Commission Resolution 524, Resolution Adopting A Child Safety Policy.

K. No one is permitted to wait in the library reading areas for the conclusion of a meeting after closing hours, unless authorized by the building manager.

Library Resolutions

Sonoma County Library Commission Resolutions, meeting agenda attachments, and all agendas and minutes are available in the Library Administration Office in the Central Santa Rosa Library, 211 E Street, downtown Santa Rosa, during business hours (generally Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.).

This website contains a Commission agendas and minutes page, but attachments and final Resolution documents are not included.

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