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MicrophonePolicy and Regulations for Use of the Forum Room

1. Use of the room will be free of charge for not-for-profit organizations.

For-profit organizations are charged according to the attached schedule of meeting room fees.

No individual such as a soloist may be granted use of the room.

Sponsorship of an individual by a group requires that the group will do the planning and take responsibility for the program and the publicity, and for any damage, which may occur.

Use of the room will not be granted for the regular and continuing business meetings of any group.

There will be no continuing programs or permanently scheduled meetings except Library related programs or those sponsored by Library related groups such as Friends of the Library, City and County government departments, and professional library associations.

2. Programs and meetings must be open to the public.

3. Programs must be free of charge. No contribution or free will gift may be required as a condition for admission.

4. Groups shall be responsible for their own publicity. Their posters may be displayed near the Forum Room if space permits. Groups shall be responsible for all set-up and clean up.

5. Meetings must be of a non-sectarian nature. However, religion as a subject or as a point of view may be appropriate for the room. Religious services may not be held in the Forum Room.

6. Library sponsored programs must have a responsible staff member present. When an evening meeting is sponsored by the Library, a staff member must stay to the end of the meeting.

7. Alcoholic beverages may be served in the Forum Room only under certain conditions which are set forth in a separate policy.

8. No smoking will be allowed in Library buildings.

9. Staff limitations may prohibit Sunday bookings.

Not-For-Profit Definition:

A Not-For-Profit organization is one whose purpose is service to the community rather than financial gain. It may or may not be registered as a charitable organization, which can issue tax receipts for contributions made to the organization.


Cultural organizations
Educational institutions
Governments and government agencies (local, state and federal)
Multicultural groups and associations
Registered Political parties
Residents / Taxpayers associations
Service clubs and organizations
Youth groups

For-Profit Definition:

A For-Profit organization is one whose purpose is to conduct its operations in order to realize financial profit.


Bank of America
Cisco Systems
State Farm Insurance

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