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Science Fair Projects

- Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Everything needed to get you started: practical how-to help, sample projects, ideas, magazines and more. From the Internet Public Library.

- California State Science Fair
Learn how to enter the state-level Science Fair. Click on "Getting Started with a Project" or "Science Resources" for links to a wide range of science sites.

- Volcano World
Different types of volcano models, with photos and instructions.



Astronomy & the Planets

- Exploring the Planets
Amazing pictures and up-to-date information on the solar system with information on the Voyager mission too, from the National Air and Space Museum.

- The Constellations and the Stars
Information on stars, constellations, the Milky Way.


Biomes & Ecosystems

- Marine Ecosystems
From the Missouri Botanical Gardens website, this site has information on oceans, ocean animals, shorelines, estuaries, salt marshes and mudflats. Quick reference links give brief information on animals found in these habitats.

- Ecosystems, Biomes and Habitats
Megasite which has links to specific biome sites and includes some interactive quiz and game sites.

- World Biomes
Introduction to main biomes of the world.



- Dinosaur Dig
Explore fossil mysteries and dig up dinosaur bytes. From the San Diego Natural History Museum.

- Zoom Dinosaurs
Easy to read information on dinosaurs with pictures and fun facts.

- Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction
Expert answers to common questions about dinosaurs and their world. From the U.S. Geological Service.

- Prehistoric Animals
From National Geographic Animals.


Early Humans (Hominids)

- Origins of Humankind
From PBS, with timelines, a homnid family tree, and images from the NOVA television program "In Search of Human Origins." Also links to lessons and lesson plans in Learning Evolution.

- Human Evolution
This site provides terrific graphic timelines for human evolution. Great photos and graphics and a "guided tour" through prehistory. Photos of early stone tools, color maps of patterns of migration and settlement for different hominid species. Highly recommended. For upper grades. From Handprint Media.

- Prominent Hominid Fossils
Great photographs of the most important fossils in the study of the evolution and prehistory of human beings.

- Hominid Species
A detailed overview of the different species central to discussions of human evolution. For upper grades.

- Paleoanthropology Links
A good list of other websites devoted to early humans, fossils and evolution.



- Ocean Planet
From the Smithsonian Institute, a web site that provides an online tour of their Ocean Planet exhibit. Lesson plans and links to relevant sites. And don't miss the exhibit "In search of the Giant Squid"

- Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Teachers & Kids page includes field guides, games, coloring pages, and more. View the kelp forest with the online Kelp Cam. This online aquarium has a guided tour of the exhibits and good basic information on featured exhibits such as the petting pool the tide pools, kelp forest and the wonderful jellyfish exhibits. Go to the Splash! Zone and see the Penguin Cam too. The Aquarium has special Guides for kids, like the Aquarium Kids' Guide, featuring Kids' Top Ten Picks of the aquarium exhibits in Monterey. Can you tell this is one of my favorite sites?

- Sustainable Seas Expeditions - Monterey Bay
This National Geographic site allows you to dive beneath Monterey Bay in a submersible named "DeepWorker" and to explore and learn about the animals that live at different levels of the Kelp Forest. There are links to lots more information about this large marine sanctuary off our coast, and the deep sea canyon just offshore that is home to such an incredible diversity of life.

- The WhaleTimes SeaBed
Seals, sharks, penguins, whales and other animals are featured in this site aimed at kids. On-line quizzes, ask an expert and lists of books for more research are also found here.

Other Science Sites

- The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
The science behind gross and yucky things around us (and inside us) everyday. Games, experiments, virtual tours, and info just for teachers and parents. Links to more yucky sites and homework sites too.

- How Stuff Works
Entertaining and varied explanations of everything from how chocolate affects your body to the inner workings of a jet engine. Good explanations of computer and tech-related topics as well.