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United States History

General Starting Points

- Outline of American History
Descriptions of early American life through the 20th century. This site provides a wide range of information including documents.

- The History Place
Timeline of American history from the earliest days to the present.

- America's Historical Documents
From the National Archives.

- National Museum of American History
At the Smithsonian Institution, this site provides an eclectic look at U.S. history.


Colonial America

- 13 Originals
A fairly thorough look at colonial life including history and social life.

- Colonial Williamsburg
Click on the Almanack to find good information about colonial life.

- Salem Web
A good overview of the witch trials in Salem and the period leading up to it.


The American Revolution

- The History Place - American Revolution
A straightforward timeline with links to more detail.


Westward Movement

- Westweb
List of links to other web resources, organized by subject.

- Lewis and Clark
Covers the history and background of this expedition and links to interactive sites.


Civil War

- American Civil War Homepage
Extensive site with links to battles, people, social life and more.

- American Civil War Resources
An extensive list of sites of varying quality.


Black History

- Black History: Internet hotlists
Links to many sites collected by teachers and classes.

- African-American Mosaic
This site from the Library of Congress covers Black History for the last 500 years.

- African Americans in History
Over twenty short biographies of important African Americans.


Middle Ages

- The Middle Ages
For upper elementary grades from the Annenberg/CPB Project. Good information with enough graphics to keep it interesting.

- Medieval Timeline Reference
Click on people or events on the timeline to learn more.

- ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
An academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious students.

- Castles on the Web
Descriptions and photos of castles from around the world. Castle projects are at "Castles for Kids."


Ancient World Civilizations

- Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
Good basics on daily life in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, India and China. Stories and games plus homework help.

- Odyssey Online
Take an online journey to explore Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures at this site from Emory university.

- Ancient Civilizations for Kids
From Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School, a teacher's selection of websites covering ancient China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Pompeii, Greece, and more.


Ancient Cultures

- Ancient Africa
Information focusing on ancient West Africa put together by a 6th grade class.

- Maya Adventure
Highly interactive, this exploration of the Mayan culture is from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

- Guardian's Egypt
Discussion groups, chat rooms, plus facts and pictures make this a great site for those fascinated by Ancient Egypt.

- History of Egypt
Organized by time periods, this timeline leads to to a wealth of information.


Thanks to all the Sonoma County Children's Librarians who contributed websites for the homework pages.