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Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Records


Scope and Contents

Administrative Information

Detailed Description

Cemetery districts

Indigent record

Indigent petitions

Indigent fund

Index to road petitions

Index to Road District minutes

Index of roads

Hospital districts

General index to road minutes

Flood Control Districts

Fire protection districts

Rio Campo Permanent Road Division

Recreation Districts

Record of burial of ex-Union veterans

Petitions for Sonoma County Fair

Petitions for roads and bridges

Lighting Districts

Rohnert Park Community Services District

Roads accepted into the Sonoma County road system

Road warrant book

Road minutes

Road book

Storm Drain Districts

Sonoma Mosquito Abatement District

Soil Conservation Districts

Zoning files

Supervisor's estimate register

Indigent allowance books

Certificate of allowances



General index to the minutes of the Board of Supervisors


District records

General minutes of the Board of Supervisors


Liability claims

Subdivision files

Deeds real property acquired and sold

Contracts and agreements

Official reports

Records of orphans outside

Records retention schedules

Permits and licenses


Policies procedures standards and plans

Advisory boards

Road matters

Real property acquired




Capital projects


City selection committee

Conflict of interest codes

Land use issues and hearings

Litigation files

Memorandum of understanding

Miscellaneous petitions

Miscellaneous road matters

School district files

School boundaries

Monthly reports on County Jail

Allowances (Indigent)

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Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Records, 1845-1995 | Sonoma County Archives

By Mark Cooper

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Collection Overview

Title: Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Records, 1845-1995Add to your cart.

Creator: Sonoma County (Calif.). Board of Supervisors

Extent: 652.0 Volumes

Arrangement: Chronological

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Records of special districts in Sonoma County.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: In many cases, further details on individual volumes can be learned by calling staff at the Sonoma County History and Genealogy Library. To see these materials, please call staff (707/545-0831, ext. 562) to request they be brought from the Archives to the Library

Use Restrictions: No restrictions

Preferred Citation: Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Records, 1845-1995. Sonoma County History and Genealogy Library, Santa Rosa, CA.

Processing Information: Data extracted from SCL marc records.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series: Cemetery districts, 1932-1956],
[Item: Indigent record, 1893],
[Series: Indigent petitions, 1902-1919],
[Series: Indigent fund, 1925-1932],
[Series: Index to road petitions, 1845-1884],
[Series: Index to Road District minutes, 1898-1903],
[Series: Index of roads, 1852-1859],
[Series: Hospital districts, 1943-1956],
[Series: General index to road minutes, 1888-1920],
[Series: Flood Control Districts, 1936-1956],
[Series: Fire protection districts, 1929-1956],
[Series: Rio Campo Permanent Road Division, 1955-1956],
[Series: Recreation Districts, 1935-1956],
[Item: Record of burial of ex-Union veterans, 1889-1916],
[Series: Petitions for Sonoma County Fair, 1892-1916],
[Series: Petitions for roads and bridges, 1856-1929],
[Series: Lighting Districts, 1924-1956],
[Series: Rohnert Park Community Services District, 1955-1956],
[Series: Roads accepted into the Sonoma County road system, 1945-1956],
[Series: Road warrant book, 1873-1883],
[Series: Road minutes, 1906-1938],
[Series: Road book, 1873-1906],
[Series: Storm Drain Districts, 1916-1956],
[Series: Sonoma Mosquito Abatement District, 1935-1956],
[Series: Soil Conservation Districts, 1945-1956],
[Series: Zoning files, 1992-],
[Series: Supervisor's estimate register, 1929-1930],
[Series: Indigent allowance books, 1897-1917],
[Series 29: Certificate of allowances, 1906-1908],
[Series: Audits, 1968-],
[Series: Leases, 1954-],
[Series: General index to the minutes of the Board of Supervisors, 1857-],
[Series: Easements, 1994-],
[Series: District records, 1933-],
[Series: General minutes of the Board of Supervisors, 1906-],
[Series: Maps, 1888-],
[Series: Liability claims, 1967-],
[Series: Subdivision files, 1937-],
[Series: Deeds real property acquired and sold, 1888-],
[Series: Contracts and agreements, 1862-],
[Series: Official reports, 1876-],
[Item: Records of orphans outside, 1901-1902],
[Series: Records retention schedules, 1988-],
[Series: Permits and licenses, 1918-],
[Series: Petitions, 1955-],
[Series: Policies procedures standards and plans, 1967-],
[Series: Advisory boards, 1946-],
[Series: Road matters, 1930-],
[Series: Real property acquired, 1921-],
[Series: Appeals, 1995-],
[Series: Backgrounds, 1956-],
[Series: Budgets, 1977-],
[Series: Capital projects, 1963-],
[Series: Claims, 1935-],
[Series: City selection committee, 1970-],
[Series: Conflict of interest codes, 1978-],
[Series: Land use issues and hearings, 1975-],
[Series: Litigation files, 1979-],
[Series: Memorandum of understanding, 1983-],
[Series: Miscellaneous petitions, 1856-],
[Series: Miscellaneous road matters, 1930-],
[Series: School district files, 1887-],
[Series: School boundaries, 1856-1889],
[Series: Monthly reports on County Jail, 1895-1931],
[Series: Allowances (Indigent), 1897-1908],

Series: Certificate of allowances, 1906-1908Add to your cart.
Amounts of money paid to individuals arranged by Supervisorial District.

Note: Series content list:

1906-1908 : Cabinet 3 : Volume [???] : Accession 2728

1908-1909 : Cabinet 3 : Volume [???] : Accession 1113

1909-1915 : Cabinet 3 : Volume 1 : Accession 1116

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