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Back to beginning of catalog tutorialUsing the Library's web catalog to find books

To find items on a topic

At the main page of the library catalog, type the general terms that describe your subject into the search box, then click the GO button, or press the Enter key on your keyboard.
Basic Search box

Connect to the catalog and try it now

To find books by title or author

If you know the title or the author of the book you want, click the Begins With ... option under the row of tabs at the top. The title is the name of the book. The author is the name of the person who wrote the book.

Begins With for exact title or author searching

Then, type the title in the top box labeled Title begins with:

Or, type the author's name (last name first) in the middle box labeled Author begins with:

After typing the title or author, click the GO button or press the Enter key. Connect to the catalog and try it now

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