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Learning to use a mouse

To learn and practice using the mouse, try the Mousing Tutorial.

Tips on using the keyboard instead of the mouse

These tips work on the computers in the Library. Not all of them may work on the computer you use at home.

At the Basic Search page (the start page) you can just type in the box and press the Enter or Return key. If nothing happens, press the Tab key and then press Enter.

At the Advanced Search or the My Account login pages, where there is more than one box, you can move the cursor (pointer) from one box to the next using the Tab key.

On most computers, you can tell which box you are in by looking for a thin vertical bar blinking on and off. The box where the bar is blinking is ready to accept your typing.

Besides moving from box to box, you can also get all around the page using the Tab key. If you do this, you will usually see a small dotted line around each link as you tab to it. If you press Enter or Return, the computer will follow the currently outlined link.

If a page is too long to fit on your computer's screen, you will need to scroll down to read it all. Most keyboards have arrow keys you can use to scroll up or down a little at a time. To jump to a point far up or down the page, use the Page Up or Page Down key. Note - if your arrow or Page Up/Down keys suddenly don't work, check whether the cursor is a blinking vertical bar inside a box, and tab out of the box before trying to scroll again.

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