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by Scott Turow

"Twenty-three years ago, in Turow’s best-selling novel Presumed Innocent, Sabich cheated on his wife, was charged with the murder of his mistress and, after a long and exceptionally messy trial, walked. Innocent finds Sabich — just turned 60 and still living, uneasily, with his wife — once more violating his marriage vows ... Innocent is a meticulously constructed and superbly paced mystery, full of twists and surprises and the sort of technical arcana on which the genre thrives. The book’s real distinction, though, is its stubborn, powerful undercurrent of regret, mostly felt by Sabich but also, to a lesser degree, by everybody else in this murky world, where even the bright light of the law can’t show people, or their desperate acts, as they truly are." -- New York Times Book Review