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 The Foreigner

by Francie Lin

"Compulsively dutiful Emerson Chang has arrived in the crime-ridden city of Taipei bent on a double mission. Because his mother wants her ashes scattered in the land of her birth, he's carried them there. And because he's certain it would have pleased her, he'll hunt for Little P (P for Peter), a quintessentially undutiful son, but her favorite nonetheless. Hard-bitten, shifty and less than delighted at the reunion, Little P now works for an uncle managing the family karaoke bar. Though Emerson speaks no Chinese, even he can spot sleaziness this obvious. This is no ordinary karaoke bar, and its employees, Poison and Big One, are no ordinary cousins but bloodthirsty thugs from whom Emerson instinctively recoils. But it's Little P who keeps the establishment's secret, a secret so ugly and embittering that it ends by pitting brother against brother with biblical fury." -- Kirkus