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 A Cure for Night

by Justin Peacock

"After a falling out of corporate law in drug-linked disgrace, Joel Deveraux ends up in the New York Public Defender's office, where he represents smarmy students popped on minor possession raps. His break comes when he gets second chair on the racially charged shooting of a white college student by a black pot dealer. And it's just as quickly put in jeopardy when his past comes back to haunt him. Peacock's gritty look at the bowels of the legal system is informed by his legal training, and he paints a complicated, engaging portrait of a city where it's a five-minute walk from high rises to low life. In A Cure for Night, Peacock portrays lawyers as storytellers who, like novelists, know that the truth doesn't always make for the best story." -- Rick Kleffel, NPR