Sonoma County Reads 2003
The Call of the Wild

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Sonoma County Reads! The Call of the Wild "read-a-likes"
Children's Reading List - books with similar themes

This list includes books set in Alaska, the Arctic, Northwest and the Yukon. Some involve dogs or wolves. Some are about people living in those regions. Some are about gold seekers in the Yukon. The Non-Fiction offers background on the natural conditions of the areas, and folklore and lives of the native peoples.

The books listed below are in the Children's section at branches of the Sonoma County Library.

PICTURE BOOKS - Find them by author's last name in the E and ER sections

Allen Mucky Moose.

Blake Akiak: a Tale from the Iditarod.

Brimner Littlest Wolf.

Bunting On Call Back Mountain.

DeBeer Little Polar Bear and the Husky Pup.

Fowler Circle of Thanks.

Franklin Wolf Hound.

George Arctic Son.

George Nutik, the Wolf Pup.

George Nutik and Amaroq Play Ball.

Griese Anna's Athabaskan Summer.

Hazen Fang.

Kay Gold Fever.

London Eyes of Gray Wolf.

Pinkwater Aunt Lulu.

Singer Chester, the Out-of-Work Dog.

Sis A Small Tall Tale from the Far Far North

ER Standiford The Bravest Dog Ever: the True Story of Balto

FICTION - Find them by author's last name in the Fiction section

J Arnosky Gray Boy.

J Avi The Good Dog.

J Bauer Runt.

J Bledsoe Tracks in the Snow.

J Bodett Williwaw.

J Branford White Wolf.

J George Julie of the Wolves.

J George Julie.

J George Julie's Wolf Pack.

J Hall Child of the Wolves.

J Hill Toughboy and Sister.

J Hill Winter Camp.

J Holm Boston Jane: an Adventure.

J Holm Boston Jane: Wilderness Days.

J Houston Frozen Fire: a Tale of Courage.

J Houston Long Claws: an Arctic Adventure.

J Kjelgaard Rescue Dog of the High Pass.

J London Call of the Wild.

     Special edition with introduction by Gary Paulsen and illustrated by Barry Moser

J Morey Kavik the wolf dog.

J Morey Scrub dog of Alaska.

J Murphy Call of the Wolves.

J Myers Lewis and Clark and Me: a Dog's Tale.

J Paulsen Dogsong.

J Paulsen Hatchet.

J Pennac Eye of the Wolf.

J Roth Iceberg Hermit.

J Shahan Frozen Stiff.

J Skurzynski Wolf Stalker.

J Steiner Mystery at Chilkoot Pass.

J Whelan Silver

NON-FICTION BOOKS - Find them by call number

J 398 Dancing Fox: Arctic Folktales (ed. by Bierhorst).

J 398.2 Dabcovich Polar Bear Son.

J 398.2 Norman Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese.

J 398.2 Villoldo Skeleton Woman.

J 398.24 Hausman Dogs of Myth: Tales from Around the World.

J 551.57 Williams Secret Language of Snow.

J 591.998 Darling Arctic Babies.

J 599.74 Brandenburg To the Top of the World: Adventures with Arctic Wolves.

J 599.77 George Look to the North: a Wolf Pup Diary.

J 599.773 Harrington Arctic Wolf.

J 622 Klein Gold Rush: the Young Prospector's Guide To Striking It Rich.

J 636.7 Ring Sled Dogs: Arctic Athletes.

J 636.73 Cary Born To Pull.

J 796.5 Paulsen Woodsong.

J 798.8 Miller The Great Serum Race.

J 798.8 Seibert Mush! Across Alaska in the World's Longest Sled-Dog Race.

J 811 Service Cremation of Sam McGee.

J 811.54 Field Magic Words: Poems.

J 897 Foa Songs Are Thoughts: Poems of the Inuit.

J 970.3 Inuit Tookoome Shaman's Nephew.

J 971.21 Poynter Gold Rush: the Yukon Stampede of 1898.

J 971.9 Cooper Klondike fever: the famous Gold Rush of 1898.

J 971.9 Daitch Northwest Territories.

J 971.9 Hancock Yukon.

J 971.9 Jones Yukon gold.

J 979.8 Hoyt-Goldsmith Arctic Hunter.

J 979.8 Louric Yukon River: an Adventure to the Goldfields of the Klondike.

J 998 Curlee Into the Ice: the Story of Arctic Exploration.

J 998 Ekoomiak Arctic Memories

J B Paulsen Puppies, Dogs and Blue Northers (check the Biography section)